Create A Micro-Farm In The Comfort Of Your Home

Create A Micro-Farm In The Comfort Of Your Home

With only three buttons, the Nanofarm takes all the guessing and legwork out of growing your own crops

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 10 august 2016

With the rise of more conscious eating mushrooming throughout the United States, questions concerning GMOs, pesticides and other crop-growing methods have begun to surface from the dinner table all the way up to policy makers’ agendas. And while we haven’t quite reached the technological and scientific capabilities necessary for 3D-printed food, which will likely put some of these concerns to rest once it hits the mainstream, Atlanta, Georgia-based startup Replantable thinks it has the next best solution.

nanofarm micro-farm replantable-nanofarm-0004-970x647-c.jpg

The Nanofarm is an at-home agriculture kit comprised of a grow cabinet, water tray, plant pad and harvest light, requiring a minuscule amount of effort and patience to grow lush and tasteful crops. The cabinet itself has been simplified to the point where anyone can produce their own yield, boasting just three controls: ‘harvest,’ ‘start’ and an input field for how many weeks your plant requires to grow.


“The Nanofarm started off as a simple hydroponics system where users plant seeds and add fertilizer manually. We chose hydroponics because it is convenient to do indoors and allows us to avoid the use of pesticides,” co-founder Ruwan Subasinghe told Digital Trends.

nanofarm replantable-nanofarm-0009-970x647-c.jpg

Crafted from extremely durable materials, from a power-coated steel and natural wood frame to a corrosion-resistant, marine-grade aluminum door, the Nanofarm promises to have a long shelf life, which is especially important considering a single use can take weeks or months. The machine also features a smoked glass door to ensure that the grow light doesn’t leak out, and is instead concentrated entirely around the plant. Finally, the Nanofarm has also been outfitted with a “whisper-quiet” ventilation system, which pumps the necessary carbon dioxide into the plants while siphoning oxygen-rich air into the surround space.


Having garnered valuable insight from a previous round of beta testing, Replantable plans on officially launching a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter come August 22. According to the site, a unit will run you $350 USD, which will surely even out in savings after growing a fair amount of your own crops. Until then, Replantable invites those interested in the product to sign up to its mailing list, which will occasionally send updates on progress and developments.


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