Walabot gives homeowners with a knack for DIY construction projects the ability to see what's hiding behind their walls

For those who’ve fantasized about having X-ray vision, this device can give your smartphone that superpower. Walabot uses 3D-imaging technology to see through drywall, cement and various materials to determine the location of metal pipes, electrical wires and studs. Home renovators now have a solution when determining where to hammer and drill.

The device magnetically connects to Android phones 5.0 and higher, and uses the phone’s display and Walabot’s built-in 3D-imaging sensors to show the depth and location of objects. After connecting the sensor to the phone, users will need to calibrate it by waving it in a circular pattern for a few seconds. According to Israel-based Vayyar Imaging, the device can see up to four inches into walls made of concrete and drywall.

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