Disable Your Wi-Fi For Family Dinners With This Pepper Grinder Hacking Device

Disable Your Wi-Fi For Family Dinners With This Pepper Grinder Hacking Device

Dolmio has created a gadget that shuts down internet access so you can eat without being distracted

Anna Johansson
  • 26 august 2016

The scene is set: mom and/or dad works hard in the kitchen, preparing a lovely family meal that includes pasta, salad, breadsticks, and tiramisu for dessert. The bell is rung, and everyone files slowly to the table. If they happen to sit at the table, you can be sure that iPads, phones, and videogame devices come out while they eat. Sometimes, family members will even grab food and take it with them to their computer or to sit in front of the TV while watching Netflix. Either way, the scene and family dinner are ruined. Dolmio, a European food producer, has developed a pepper grinder that they believe will solve the problem of disconnection at dinner. This sneaky ‘hacker’ reroutes your home Wi-Fi and takes away access to any device that’s dependent on the technology.

It’s made with a Wi-Fi chip that can steal the Wi-Fi from other devices and can block up to four gadgets. It is also equipped with a rechargeable battery that can last for up to six dinners before dying out. That’s almost a week of full, uninterrupted family dinner time. Any family member that tries to open a device being hacked by the Pepper Hacker will be shown a screen that says, “It’s family dinnertime and the internet is not invited.”

To kick off the release of the new device (which used to just be a conceptual appliance), Dolmio will be giving away 3,500 Pepper Hackers for test runs. Consumers became enthralled with the device when Dolmio used a fake Pepper Hacker in their advertisements that shut down phones and televisions for family dinner. The device doesn’t have the same capabilities as the commercials, but it’s still an exciting development for consumers.

When discussing the idea, the ad agency Clemenger stated:

“The idea came from Dolmio very much being a fun brand, and then in response to that we asked, could we make these for real? The brand would then be able to give them away as a promotion, driving excitement from the sense that clearly there was some latent value in the thought for everyday Aussies. It will be a lighthearted thing for parents to have on their side to help disconnect for a short while. It’s one of things that you think, ‘does it add a little bit of fun’? Yes. It’s something that will create some talk-ability.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 4.06.10 PM.png

And from there, the pepper hacker was born. The device started out as a fun gadget in concept only that could effectively drive sales for Dolmio products, but it quickly turned into something that the public wanted, and Dolmio delivered.

“We listened to our customers, and decided that we simply had to create the Pepper Hacker en masse,” said Mars Food Australia marketing director Tim Hicks. “Sitting around a table and connecting over food is one of the most beneficial times of the day, helping families catch up, have fun and really connect. The Pepper Hacker reminds us of the influence technology has over us and how we can all benefit from a little down time from it.”

The Pepper Hacker isn’t the first device to deliver Wi-Fi debilitating effects, but it’s still expected to be popular based on the built-up excitement for the product and its clever design.


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