Dolmio has created a gadget that shuts down internet access so you can eat without being distracted

The scene is set: mom and/or dad works hard in the kitchen, preparing a lovely family meal that includes pasta, salad, breadsticks, and tiramisu for dessert. The bell is rung, and everyone files slowly to the table. If they happen to sit at the table, you can be sure that iPads, phones, and videogame devices come out while they eat. Sometimes, family members will even grab food and take it with them to their computer or to sit in front of the TV while watching Netflix. Either way, the scene and family dinner are ruined. Dolmio, a European food producer, has developed a pepper grinder that they believe will solve the problem of disconnection at dinner. This sneaky ‘hacker' reroutes your home Wi-Fi and takes away access to any device that's dependent on the technology.

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