LittleBits has created a new set of tools that helps creative minds build contraptions to guard their rooms

Many kids like keeping their room private especially from curious younger siblings. A teaching kit called Rule Your Room from tech company littleBits helps kids of any age build digital tools that help protect their items at home.

The kit has littleBits’ signature parts (called “bits”) that snap together using magnets. The brain of the entire kit is Makey Makey, an interface that turns any conductive object, such as fruits, into touchpads.

Other bits include the bargraph, an array of lights used to indicate the levels of signals. A buzzer, a knob, a power source, servo motor and a sound trigger complete the set of bits. Accessories such as the microUSB cable that connects the Makey Makey to a computer, bit mounts and everything needed to start the project are included in the kit.

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