Your.MD is a new smart system to provide quick and accurate medical advice via chat

Your.MD is a chatbot capable of diagnosing common ailments on messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack and Kik, as well as its own dedicated iOS and Android app. Using natural language processing, the automated e-doctor analyzes symptoms you type such as ‘I have a runny nose,’ and matches it against a database of known possible conditions.

Using a Bayesian Network theory of deduction—that is, determining what the problem may be by eliminating the possibilities—the simple yet efficient AI arrives to the heart of the matter through ordinary conversation. And while computing has yet to reach the point where it can entirely replace your physician, this quick and painless method of interpreting what that rash on your leg may be is a great way for many individuals to learn about their symptoms without having to confront an actual person.

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