To promote their new delivery service Blackbox, the creators of Cards Against Humanity are delivering unfortunate messages in an edible form

Cracking open a fortune cookie is fun…until you gaze upon your horrible, horrible fortune. Yet, OK Cookie Co., a website not surprisingly from the makers of Cards Against Humanity, offers users the most unfortunate predictions without eliminating the fun of tempting fate.

From the makers of that infamous card game for horrible people, comes a slightly agonizing treat that may or may not put a smile on your face. To promote their shipping service Blackbox, OK Cookie Co. delivers your horrible fortune right at your doorstep. Each box comes with 15 random fortune cookies, which come with not-so fortunate messages like “You will probably die of a heart attack or something” or “It’s too late to stop climate change.” These messages may not be what you need to uplift your mood, but they will certainly bring you a new perspective…or not!

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