Multiple sensors analyze motion, recognize throws and provide instant feedback the moment a ball leaves the player's hands.

The SOLIDshot is a smart sleeve that helps basketball players improve their shooting form by putting a coach on their arm. Developed over the course of four years with two years of refinement on NBA and NCAA courts, the revolutionary sleeve uses multiple sensors on a player's shooting arm to analyze motion, recognize shots and provide instant feedback the moment the ball leaves their hands.

The bicep sensor tracks the position and orientation of the player's upper arm and infers their shoulder movements. It provides feedback if the shot is too flat and shows if there is a hitch in their shot. The forearm sensor precisely models the player's elbow by tracking the position and orientation of the forearm relative to the bicep, and providing feedback on the extension of their elbow. The hand sensor provides feedback on the player's wrist snap, indicating if they're pushing the ball with their thumb or pinky at release.

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