Design Firm Creates Life-Saving MRI Machine For Newborns

Design Firm Creates Life-Saving MRI Machine For Newborns

The Embrace Neonatal System is an easy-to-use and patient-friendly scanner

Emma Hutchings
  • 23 august 2016

Global design firm frog and life-science company Aspect Imaging have partnered to create a new MRI machine designed specifically for newborns. Their aim is to use a human-centred design process to help increase efficiency for hospitals and make processes more comfortable for patients.

The Embrace Neonatal System is a newborn baby scanner that is easy-to-use and patient-friendly, designed from the ground up to meet the needs of users. To help evaluate and co-create, frog brought in experts throughout the product development process, such as nurses, specialists, radiologists and administrators. Immersive research took place in clinical settings, including Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU), in order to map workflow and identify ways the units could be optimized for different contexts.

The MRI machine is designed to provide comfort and safety for the baby, prepping and scanning newborns in less than an hour without needing to take them out of the NICU. The system doesn’t emit any external noise or energy and operates in any stable room temperature environment, so there’s no requirement for a dedicated, shielded MRI facility.

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Thomas Sutton, Executive Creative Director at frog, said in a press release:

“The exciting thing about the collaboration with Aspect Imaging has been the possibility to completely reinvent a product category from the ground up, around the needs of the end-user. Aspect Imaging shares our belief that the customer doesn’t care about the technology, they care about the results, the workflow, the patient comfort and safety as well as the clinical information that the technology provides. This made them the perfect partner for our human-centered design approach, based upon observing, talking to, and co-creating with end-users and caretakers in the clinical environment.”

You can check out the Embrace Neonatal System in the short teaser below:

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