MTV hosted a preview of Teen Wolf at ComicCon that featured an interactive virtual reality experience

During a movie or TV show, do you ever look where you're not supposed to? Do you find yourself watching what's happening in the background, or maybe paying attention to a secondary character? Now suppose you could look at anything in the scene—even the stuff that would normally be behind you. There's just one hitch: where you look changes the story. That's the idea behind MTV's “gaze-activated VR” demo at ComicCon this year.

At first it seems simple enough. Don a VR headset, and find yourself watching a short promo from MTV's supernatural thriller series Teen Wolf. But instead of speaking to each other, the characters are speaking to you, the viewer. By turning your head, you can see what's happening all around you, and in fact, looking in certain directions can cause changes in the plot. In one of the six mini-episodes displayed at ComicCon, characters implore you, “Don't look at them! Stay with us!” Oops, you looked. Here comes the monster.

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