The TouchTime app is trying to revolutionize personal task management by providing detailed insight on how to be more efficient

TouchTime is an app that will allow you to track exactly how much time you spend on each of your daily activities and help you take back control of your time. To use it, select a set of icons that coordinate with your favorite activities—there are over 1000 icons for common activities, whether it's being on Youtube, at gym or relaxing. Press an icon to start keeping track of how long you spend on each and press it again to end it.

A calendar will keep track of your activities, along with statistical breakdowns of exactly what percentage of the day you've spent on watching kitten videos. You'll be also be able to see pie chart breakdowns. Though it won't help an avid procrastinator who hops from activity to activity—or someone who forgets to use the app—it could be a great boost of productivity for the hyper-focused.

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