Get To Know Your Fellow Travelers In This Self-Driving Motorcycle Concept

Get To Know Your Fellow Travelers In This Self-Driving Motorcycle Concept

The transportation idea is designed around bringing people together to talk as they commute

Leo Lutero
  • 24 august 2016

The autonomous vehicle of the future has often been imagined to look like a car but this particular concept thinks the motorcycle is a better predecessor. The Cyclotron, a concept autonomous vehicle by Charles Bombardier and Ashish Thulkar, comfortably sits two riders and balances itself on two wheels.

Like the best ideas, the Cyclotron is inspired by both science fiction and reality. The streamlined design and shape come from the Tron Light Cycle. The ability to self-balance and ride like a car on two wheels is a vision shared with San Francisco’s Lit Motors who built a prototype of a self-balancing motorcycle called the C-1.

The C-1, whose tech could be the gateway to the Cyclotron becoming an actual vehicle, balances itself even when stationary by using two gyros. These spinning weights allow tilts when turning of up to 45 degrees and unlike anything seen before, run reverse with a flip of a switch.



Two-wheel vehicles are particularly ideal over four-wheeled counterparts. With many car owners taking trips on their own, the narrower profile of two-wheelers will leave more space on roads. By also being lighter, they require less energy to run and are cheaper to do so.

Charles Bombardier runs the blog Imaginactive where he catalogues far-fetched concepts. Wired reports that Bombardier imagines the Cyclotron as a personal vehicle as well as run at a shared transit system.

The Cyclotron would run on rechargeable batteries and would be able to charge wirelessly. By using wireless charging, the creator imagines it would be easy for the autonomous two-wheelers to buy and sell power not just from stations but also from each other.

Once the basics are laid down, Bombardier says what goes inside the cabin is left to the imagination (air-conditioning, surround sound, cup warmers even). Since the passengers will be sitting face-to-face, their only concern would be the small talk while their ride balances itself and weaves through traffic.

Ashish Thulkar | Charles Bombardier

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