Once indicative of a certain commitment to hygiene, bathrooms may soon represent your wellness as much as they do your cleanliness

A recent Google patent has unveiled plans to design ultrasonic bathtubs, pressure sensing toilet seats, electricity and pressure sensing mats and color recognizing mirrors which, when used in tandem can track cardiovascular health and the nervous, endocrine, muscular, skeletal and integumentary systems.

The mat works by sensing the pulse wave velocity of the person’s blood, in effect measuring artery health, whereas the toilet seat measures blood pressure and monitors bowel movements. The mirror records colors in a person’s skin to determine a photo-plethysmogram, which measures variations in a size or color of an organ or limb. The more complex bathtub relies on echoes created by high-frequency sound waves to investigate blood flow, tissue movement, and can map out the measurements of the internal structure. Finally, a radar field device would reflect radiation from human tissue to gauge skin temperature, skeletal movement, heart rate, and other variables. If the technology detects any major issues, it will automatically reach out to a medical professional to warn them.

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