Google’s 3D Audio Could Transform How We View Live Concerts

Google’s 3D Audio Could Transform How We View Live Concerts
Augmented & Virtual Reality

A new immersive entertainment project from creates a hyper-realistic listening experience

Jennifer Passas
  • 11 august 2016

Of the multitude industries that could be transformed by VR, music seems to be one of the ripest and best suited for the added value virtual reality could bring us. VR has the potential to transform music videos and the quality of sound that we experience while listening to music remotely. In an attempt to get ahead of the VR music game, Google recently launched a spacial audio experience on the web that only requires a pair of headphones to experience. The open-source project called Omnitone makes it possible to rotate sound fields according to the direction the user is facing.

It allows people to hear things as they would in the environment they are being played. The sounds coming in from the headphones can amplify, fade, or change according to your point of view, just as they would if you were actually present.

There are a number of areas where Omnitone could be a huge asset. One could be VR gaming, where a realistic audio experience dramatically heightens the user experience. Another could be live events, as companies can still sell the close to full-on experience for those who can’t attend the event live. An Omnitone live music experience has the potential to create a hyper-realistic version of the concert on the web for people all around the world.

With musicians like deadmau5 already experimenting with virtual reality, Google has made an important first step for surround sound audio projects that have the potential to dramatically shift of how and where we listen to music.


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