Handheld Device Will Show You Exactly Where You Forgot To Put Sunblock

Handheld Device Will Show You Exactly Where You Forgot To Put Sunblock

Sunscreenr is a new device to help you ensure complete protection from the sun

Jennifer Passas
  • 1 august 2016

Even the most diligent sunscreen-wearer misses spots from time to time. Since most sunscreen is invisible to the naked eye it’s almost impossible to tell where you’re covered and where you’re not. Sunscreenr, a new sunblock detection product from Voxelight, helps catch the missed spots that could lead to nasty sunburns (or worse).

It is estimated that it takes 15 minutes for the sun’s ultraviolet rays to damage your skin. Sunblock is designed to either block or absorb harmful rays. While many people do wear sunblock, The Environmental Protection Agency reports that 1 million people in the United States are diagnosed with skin cancer each year which is a clear signal that more can be done in sun damage awareness and UV protection.

Sunscreenr alone can’t prevent sun damage, what it can do though is help with sunscreen application efficiency. The handheld digital device has a viewfinder that you can look through to see how completely you applied sunscreen onto your skin by identifying where your body is reflecting UV rays. Any place where sunscreen has not been applied will not reflect UV light and look pale in comparison to the rest of your skin which will look darker.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.00.48 PM.png

Sunscreener is still in the development and production phase recently being launched on Kickstarter. The current price for the device is $109, but is expected to drop to about $20 once the demand for the product increases.


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