NodPod holds your neck and back perpendicular, hopefully putting an end to sleepless and uncomfortable journeys

Whether you’re taking a long flight, train or road tripping to a far-off destination, the inability to sleep has always made traveling a grueling undertaking. That’s why entrepreneur Paula Blankenship of Heirloom Traditions Paint in Kentucky has created the NodPod, a hammock for your head which puts those sleepless journeys to rest.

The NodPod recreates the sleep you get in bed by keeping your neck and back perpendicular and at a 90-degree angle, something that the uncomfortable seats on most mobile interiors fail to do. Using its patented “over the top” design (which doesn’t obstruct the TV of the passenger behind you if you’re on a plane), coupled with a memory foam interior, the handy device promises the best sleep you’ll ever get while traveling.

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