The Purpose Hotel buys sustainable products and furnishings and gives back to charities in the process

Ethically-conscious spending can be difficult, but it's even harder to find accommodations away from home as invested in buying from ethical and thoughtful sources. The Purpose Hotel is looking to change that—and the world—by making sure that every piece in their establishment serves a purpose.

Founder Jeremy Cowart is looking to set up his new hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, and is reaching out to crowdsourcing platform Kickstarter for help. The goal is to create a hotel that continuously contributes to good causes with the help of its patrons. For example, each room that is booked helps to support a child's education with that child's story printed inside the room itself. The bedsheets will be products made by the survivors of human trafficking, while the Wi-Fi upgrade charge helps organizations free other human trafficking victims. Even the receipt is designed to make customers feel good about their choices—the final bill will show both the charges and how the customer donated to particular causes and charities.

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