The music player and Wi-Fi enabled speaker lets kids start a song by placing toys on it

Belgian start­up MuuseLabs has developed a smart jukebox for kids that lets them control their songs with toys. Jooki is a Wi-Fi enabled speaker and music player aimed at children ages three years and up and gives them the chance to enjoy music with no screen in sight.

The creators believe that with the rise of smartphones and the disappearance of tapes and CDs, children are less able to listen to music independently. Jooki has been designed especially for kids and puts them back in control. They can start a song or album with ease by placing a toy, known as a Jooki Star, onto the music player. These Jooki Stars act as bookmarks to digital media and can be linked to children's favorite playlists. They come in the form of fun figurines and colorful tokens, and are almost indestructible.

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