This Single Button Is Designed To Bring Your IoT-Enabled Home To Life

This Single Button Is Designed To Bring Your IoT-Enabled Home To Life

The Logitech Pop offers a more connected and intuitive way to interact with your gadgets

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 17 august 2016

Smart home interfaces like Alexa are great because they’re screenless and operate via voice commands, which makes them rather intuitive for most homeowners. But if you have a thick accent, or happen to lack the experience, tech-savvy and understanding necessary to operate them, things can get rough. For that reason, Logitech has designed a new screen-free controller to ‘dumb down’ the smart home.

Unlike pre-existing buttons such as the Philips Hue Tap, the Logitech Pop can regulate a multitude of isolated commands even if the products its hooked up too aren’t part of a matching set. From speakers and smart lights, to smart blinds and smart locks, Logitech seamlessly creates an ecosystem of its own. You can even string numerous actions to perform in a single step – such as turning on your TV and triggering Netflix simultaneously – by opting to purchase a pairing Logitech Harmony remote.

IoT-Enabled Home

Programmed through a supplementary app on your smartphone, the smart home controller features three different input methods: a single press, double press and long press. The basic kit (lacking the Logitech Harmony remote) bundles with a base station that plugs into your router—putting the ‘internet’ in the Internet of Things. Available for pre-order today, two Pop home switches will run you $99 USD, with subsequent single switches to be priced at $39 a piece. According to the company, the buttons will ship out in a couple of weeks, and will also be available for purchase in Best Buy or on Amazon upon release.

Logitech Pop

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