The Logitech Pop offers a more connected and intuitive way to interact with your gadgets

Smart home interfaces like Alexa are great because they’re screenless and operate via voice commands, which makes them rather intuitive for most homeowners. But if you have a thick accent, or happen to lack the experience, tech-savvy and understanding necessary to operate them, things can get rough. For that reason, Logitech has designed a new screen-free controller to ‘dumb down’ the smart home.

Unlike pre-existing buttons such as the Philips Hue Tap, the Logitech Pop can regulate a multitude of isolated commands even if the products its hooked up too aren’t part of a matching set. From speakers and smart lights, to smart blinds and smart locks, Logitech seamlessly creates an ecosystem of its own. You can even string numerous actions to perform in a single step – such as turning on your TV and triggering Netflix simultaneously – by opting to purchase a pairing Logitech Harmony remote.

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