London Is Getting The First YouTube Store

London Is Getting The First YouTube Store
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Google has unveiled a retail outlet called the Creator Store, where online video stars can sell merchandise to the public

Anna Johansson
  • 23 august 2016

YouTube has been an incredible resource for average members of the public who are looking to share their skills and talents online. Dozens have become rich and famous from their YouTube channels, including, but not limited to Justin Bieber, Susan Boyle, Cody Simpson, Jimmy Fallon, and Kate Upton. Many more don’t seek after the fame of a YouTube star, but still make a healthy living from their YouTube channels through advertisements and the selling of merchandise. Now, Google is opening a physical store, within the YouTube Space premises, that should be able to help them with their merchandising goals. The store is called the Creator Store, and it’s opening for the first time in London.

The goal of this new physical location is to give YouTubers an opportunity to sell their merchandise beyond the online realm.

Most of the merchandise featured in the store will be items like T-shirts, books, mugs, and other paraphernalia YouTubers have made their own. The store will also be a platform where video creators can share their stardom with others. There will be opportunities for book signings and demonstrations when new products are released.

The store is unique because it doesn’t take any commission from any sales made. All the profits will be going to the creators of the merchandise themselves.

The Creator Store is part of a larger movement by YouTube to improve the quality of their videos and their interactions with their most popular video-makers. It will be debuted in the new YouTube Space, which is located in London’s King’s Cross station, and it will replace Google’s existing facility at the bottom of Tottenham Court Road. The latter will be used as office space for Google employees.

This 20,000 square-foot building includes three entirely soundproof studios where YouTubers can record high-quality videos. Each room will be equipped with professional equipment and a crew to make video production go smoother.

youtube space creator store

It seems that YouTube is hoping to produce content almost like a movie studio would. Could it be that YouTube is aiming to enter the movie and television show production game, just like Netflix transcended from streaming service to content producer?

Along with the recording studios, YouTube Space will provide professional editing booths. There will also be a barista bar and community area where both Youtube professionals and public attendees can visit, order drinks and snacks, and chat about their favorite videos and newly purchased merchandise. Again, all profits from the bar will be handed over to the creators of YouTube videos.

Facebook and other other video sharing platforms are beginning to crowd YouTube’s turf, and it’s no wonder that Google and YouTube executives feel it’s time to begin expanding their horizons for increased viewers. There are nine total YouTube spaces, including Los Angeles, which is the largest facility, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Mumbai, New York, Toronto, and Sao Paulo. London makes the ninth space, and comes in as the second largest location.

The Creator Store is currently unique to the London YouTube Space, but it’s expected to make a nice addition to the existing YouTube Space locations around the world. It has not been revealed as of now who will be selling their products in the store or who will be producing videos in its studio. The official opening will bring more details.

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