Tools and supplies to fix broken screens or damage are neatly stowed away in these micro-workrooms

A English red phone booth has been converted by Lovefone into a one-man repair shop for mobile phones. Soon, more of these little enclosed spaces will be functioning again ironically as a haven for the technology that flushed them down the toilet.

The red telephone kiosk, or the K6, was introduced to UK streets in 1936. Over 70,000 were installed but due to the rapid rise of mobile tech, only 107,000 remain today. Many were scrapped or auctioned, while others have been preserved for their historical value. In designing these micro-workrooms, Lovefone strived to preserve the original structure. Inside the space, you can expect to find a work table and a surprisingly spacious room for a single repairmen while keeping the four walls and the fire hydrant red intact.

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