Modular Bag Can Be Folded Into Many Shapes And Forms

Modular Bag Can Be Folded Into Many Shapes And Forms

The ModiBag is made using wooden components covered in leather, which can be bent into different formations

Leroy Soeterboek
  • 24 august 2016

Korean designer Lim Sungmook has created a bag that can be arranged into different shapes and forms. The origami-like product was collectively inspired by the notion of wrapping clothes and the mini brick building toy LEGO.

The aptly named ModiBag is produced using wooden components which are then covered in leather. The user is free to create form, shapes and bags depending on their particular taste or style by weaving them together using the various pieces.


The enormous matt is segmented into symmetrical quarters, with small eyelets on the outside edges so that the user can fasten the bag into the desired carry bag or shape. A messenger bag, shoulder bag, large box and tote bag can all be created from the single square.

Lim Sungmook

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