The Toronto International Film Festival has created a Facebook Messenger chatbot to help attendants curate their schedule

Picking the right movie to see on a Friday night is a tough decision, but it’s even more difficult when you’re trying to pick what to see at a film festival. The Toronto International Film Festival has come up with a clever way to help participants choose from the over 300 films it will show: TIFFBOT. Created with the help of digital production agency TWG and creative agency 88 Creative, this Facebook Messenger movie critic chat bot helps to narrow down the kind of film you’d want to see. It will first ask you for a genre suggestions, such as horror, documentary, comedy, etc. Additionally, you can input words like “funny,” “scary,” or “dramatic” to find films of different genres that match your mood. Once entered, TIFFBOT will present you with an option, providing a picture and short description of the film, as well as a link to more information on the film, including trailers and playing times. The chatbot will also provides a list of top picks, if you’re just looking for the best of the best at the festival.

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