Two years on the making, the unique garments are designed to give athletes maximum aerodynamic efficiency

Known for its innovations in footwear, Nike has made its move to athletic wear with a speed system designed as the official uniform for Olympic athletes. The company's new symbiotic track and field speed system—customizable to the event and athlete—is engineered to reduce that drag and maximize effort.  Now that the games have commenced and the performance wear is put in action, it’s time to take a good look at the system.

Nike consulted key Olympians when building three products that made their debut in official international uniforms: AeroBlades adhesive tape that runners wear on various parts of their bodies to help cut wind resistance or aerodynamic drag, Nike Wing sunglasses that also help cut through the wind, and the AeroSwift breathable race bib which is stuck directly onto the uniform. At the base of the system are track spikes and Nike Vapor track and field kits. In order to make the speed system work, the company had to study the apparel, as well as the accessories of each athlete's sports.

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