The much-hyped sci-fi sandbox game proved to be as massive as expected, while Pokémon Go continued to prove inescapable

This article titled “The month in games: No Man’s Sky goes where no gamer has gone before” was written by Nick Gillett, for The Guardian on Wednesday 24th August 2016 08.00 UTC

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In a month traditionally reserved for cider and overpriced family holidays, there were two games so massive they were effectively inescapable: one encouraged you to explore your neighbourhood with a smartphone; the other gave you a space ship and let you loose in an entire simulated universe. The first was, of course, Pokémon Go (iOS and Android), a title that’s achieved worldwide ubiquity. Based on the framework of older game Ingress, which also encourages players to visit real world locations, the addition of Pokémon turned a modest sideshow into a global phenomenon. Its fame has grown exponentially, with nostalgic monsters recognisable from youthful summers spent collecting them on Game Boy popping up in Instagram pictures of children, pets and picnics.

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