Food startup Soylent has launched a new grab-and-go snack alongside its line of meal replacements

Soylent, the company that brought us an entirely liquid-diet with everything a healthy body needs has branched out into the business of solid food. If a lactose-free, animal-free, nut-free nutritional bar made with soy protein, algal flour and sugar made from beets sounds delicious to you, than look no further than the company's new food bar.

Coming on the heels of the food brand's most recent product launch, Coffiest, a caffeinated meal-replacement, the nutritional bar provides 12.5 percent of a person's daily caloric needs. The snack, which supposedly has a caramel flavor, has the same nutrition as Soylent powder in a more portable form. The bar is available for approximately $2 per bar at $22.80 for Soylent subscribers or $24 for single orders per a 12-count box.

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