Ocean Plastic Turned Into Eco-Friendly Construction Blocks

Ocean Plastic Turned Into Eco-Friendly Construction Blocks

ByFusion aims to repurpose waterborne waste in a practical way to help the environment

Jiwon Kim
  • 3 august 2016

There is a reason why plastic is everywhere. The material is quite durable, cheap, easy to create and very versatile in terms of use. Nonetheless, it has created a waste problem that continues to plague the environment, especially our oceans. Out of the 300 million tons of plastic waste created every year, not even eight percent of this amount is recycled. In a practical effort to address this problem, ByFusion is a company that utilizes new technology to recycle plastic into construction blocks.

This process works through modular technology that turns plastic into a material that has been given a fitting name, RePlast. The process of creating these blocks is simple and also eco-friendly. Any kind of ocean plastic can be turned into RePlast and in any shape and density. The plastic does not have to be sorted, washed or glued together. With all these benefits, it looks like RePlast might become the building block of the future.


Image: Picture of garbage left by tourists on a beach via Shutterstock

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