A Dutch fashion designer is experimenting with new methods and fabrics to make high performance clothing

Skyn, a unique condom company and designer Pauline van Dongen have partnered up to create a new type of athletic apparel. The material is the same as the kind Skyn uses to make its own condoms. The material goes by the name of polyisoprene and is supposedly as strong and softer than a typical latex condom. This new creation is called the Skynfeel Apparel jumpsuit and is designed to increase the performance of long-jumpers.

The jumpsuit was designed keeping long-jumpers in mind: the material is light and feels ‘barely there.' It has flaps inspired by dragonflies that stay flat while running and open as soon as the athlete jumps. The design gives a lift that helps them stay longer in the air. The material also allows for a body to move freely with great speed and comfort.

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