The headphones are designed for activity and feature a fully-integrated amplifier and audio equalizer

ROPES are advanced Bluetooth earphones with a built-in amplifier and advanced EQ engine, enabling the wearer to fully customize sound so they can hear music the way they want. They aim to combine the best in ergonomic design, sound quality and personalization in order to create a superior mobile listening system.

Developed by San Francisco-based company ROAM (founded in 2013 by Steven Lamar, the co-creator of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones), they feature a sleek style, comfortable fit and colorful looks. The stylish device can be worn seamlessly around the neck and doesn’t interfere with your daily routine with a bulky design or tangled wires. Though, having worn them, the PSFK staff has to note that the experience isn’t as seamless as wearing your standard wireless headphone set given the presence of the amplifier (if that wasn’t already clear to readers).

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