The BladeGlider project has seen as many ups and downs as an Olympic hurdler

Nissan has unveiled a new version of their BladeGlider electric vehicle at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio. There hasn’t been a lot of development news on the project since their concept was shown back in 2013. The decision to show a car at the Olympics might not seem so relevant but the story of the car has as much drama, competition, successes and failures as many of the athletes will experience during the games.

If you haven’t been following the story, here’s a very brief synopsis. The project originally started as the DeltaWing, designed by Ben Bowlby in 2009 as a race car replacement for the Indy Car series. It didn’t get selected but the uniqueness of the design motivated several race teams to get together and continue the development. Georgia-based Panoz racing built a prototype and Nissan offered to supply engines for the car’s debut as an experimental entrant in the 2012 24hr Le Mans race. It completed 75 laps before crashing but not before public interest spiked.

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