Originating from Samsung's Creative Lab, IOFIT can sense your weight transfer and provide information on what you are doing wrong

These IOFIT shoes are embedded with technology that can teach you how to play golf better. A lot about the golf swing is the weight distribution on the feet. This pressure-sensitive pair can tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong in the second it takes to send a golf ball flying.

By bringing together shoes (which every player needs) and powerful mobile computing, the IOFIT shoes can change the way people learn to the play golf.

Embedded on each shoe is a network of pressure sensors. They measure the pressure felt at specific areas of the foot. These sensors send information to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and are sealed to withstand rain or puddles while in use. When a player swings the club, weight quickly shifts across the feet in a complex succession. Perfecting this shifting is crucial aspect of the sport.

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