The fast food brand launched a special lounge outfit just in time for the Rio Games

McDonald's has been on a campaign as a sponsor of the summer Olympic games in Rio, from dolling out special packaging to setting up a restaurant in the Olympic village. McDonald's Australia is taking it to the next level by creating a set of breakfast-themed loungewear.

‘Legendswear' consists of a hooded vest and track pants created with the help of Australian sports apparel company We Are Handsome. The two pieces are black with a bright floral trim that has McDonald's breakfast items, like hash browns and pancakes, hidden throughout. The top costs AU$70 and and the pants go for AU$50, or $53 and $38 in USD, respectively. The campaign for these items is clearly tongue and cheek, touting on their site: “Maccas Legendwear is the perfect uniform for Aussie legends back home to wear as they cheer on the team at the Olympic Games in Rio.”

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