How The Rio Olympics Stood For More Than Just Games

How The Rio Olympics Stood For More Than Just Games
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PSFK rounds out the Rio Games with our picks for the finest moments beyond sports

  • 30 august 2016

Leading up to the games, The Rio Olympics were constantly under scrutiny for poor infrastructure, sanitary conditions and the effects it may have on the community, especially the poor. Despite these concerns, the games also opened up the opportunity to bring countries together and affect some positive change in the world. Here are our top three picks for social campaigns that went beyond the exciting competitive sporting events.

Welcoming The Olympics’ First Team Of Refugees

As the refugee crisis continues to worsen with the rising number of people displaced and complicated politics, the rest of the world is growing apathetic to this issue. As a response, the International Olympic Committee made history by creating a team of refugees that will participate in the games. They hope this move will shed some light and humanize the crisis. PSFK goes deeper into the story.

Giving Thousands of Children An Opportunity of A Lifetime

One good has come out of the struggle to attract people to the Rio Olympics. Due to the anticipation of low attendances, organizers have decided to give away 240,000 tickets for free to poor local children. It will be a way to fill up empty seats and give some children an opportunity of a lifetime.

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Creating a Digital Campaign to Promote World Peace

One undeniable component of the Olympics is, despite the competitiveness, the event does have a way of bringing people together. It is not often that viewers from around the world tune in to watch one event. The Olympics have decided to start a #OlympicPeace digital campaign that emphasizes how the world can become a better place through sports because it inspires unity. Anyone around the world can create his or her own peace dove to share on social media.

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PSFK is your source for innovation news from the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, from VR programming and machine-designed shoes to crowdsourced health apps and surveillance balloons. Check back daily for updates and read more here about the services and technologies that are shaping this year’s games.

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