Optical Illusion Dishes Make Sushi Dinners A Feast For Your Eyes

Optical Illusion Dishes Make Sushi Dinners A Feast For Your Eyes

A designer is kickstarting a series of impossible soy sauce vessels to make eating an Escher-esque delight

Dave Zucker
  • 16 august 2016

Duncan Shotton is a British designer living in Japan with a penchant for impressive and kitschy design. His most recent project is a Kickstarter that more than quadrupled its target goal. If that makes your eyes spin, check out the product. Soy Shape is a classic, minimalist ceramic dish for soy and other dipping sauces that, when filled, produce a 3D optical illusion in impossible designs reminiscent of the works of M.C. Escher.

optical illusion soy shap

The dishes come in “Triangle” and “Cubes” varieties, each made of Hakuji porcelain in Gifuprefecture, and ship globally. 77 “Limited Edition” handmade boxes have also been produced because, as Shotton says, “50 seemed like too little, 100 too much, and 77 is my favourite number.”

Duncan Shotton

+optical illusion

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