Ethique offers shampoo and conditioner in soap-like bars that dissolve as you use them

Can the world live without plastic bottles used for packaging of personal care products such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash and the likes? Brianne West of Ethique believes this is possible and the company has taken the necessary steps to prove it.

The truth is, most of your bottled personal care products contain 80-90 percent water, which is why these solutions need to be bottled up. But what if you take the water out of the equation? Ethique takes on the challenge and the result are personal care products in soap-like bars. No more plastic bottles, no more water and no more fuel wasted to make plastic. Ethique’s product contains only the purest natural ingredients and by doing so, the company has eliminated the use of 60,000 plastic bottles so far. If only similar brands can follow suit, the world has found a new way to sustainability.

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