Gareth Price, Technical Director at NYC-based digital marketing agency Ready Set Rocket, analyzes augmented reality's future in the marketing landscape

Less than a month ago, Pokémon was a late 90s memory, brought up in nostalgic conversations or “You might be a 90s kid, if…” clickbait. Now we can’t walk past a public landmark without seeing hordes of people staring down at their screens, or without pulling out our own phones, with, as your age goes up, a corresponding amount of guilt that you’re a grown adult hunting elusive pocket monsters in public. For marketers, many of us were taken by surprise. The hype-cycle of new products is staggeringly fast and getting faster. The telephone took 75 years to reach 1 million users, Facebook took 3.5 years, Flappy Bird took 35 days and Pokémon Go had 7.5m downloads in 5 days.

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