Popcorn brand Halfpops has created a contest for talented coders with a prize of a month worth of treats

What do programmers, popcorn and the robot apocalypse have in common? Not much, except that popcorn brand Halfpops is looking for the best developers, coders and white-hat hackers to join their fight against an AI uprising.

The Halfpocalypse Challenge is a national campaign that reaches out to all code enthusiasts to complete a three-step challenge. Those who are able to complete the challenge are mailed a month supply of Halfpop’s products, about 90 bags in total. The first challenge involves uncovering and unscrambling a secret Captcha message. Working with brand innovation agency Humanaut, the campaign mixes science-fiction with real worries about the increasingly fast innovations in artificial intelligence. The campaign has also recreated the first binary Twitter hashtag: #0110100001100001011011000110011001110000011011110111000001110011.

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