In an age where music, messaging, and other forms of media are free, why do long distance phone conversations still cost a fortune?

International phone calls have been the traditional means for overseas friends and families to reconnect, despite absurd price hikes that occur during summers in countries such as China, Cuba and India. In these large markets dominated by a select few region-specific Telco companies, the same narrative is being played on repeat: every summer for the past three years, the enterprises raise their calling rates from the United States by roughly 100 percent. And though other communication solutions like Skype or Facebook Messenger exist, political interference, lack of Wi-Fi and other obstructions prevent the masses from switching over. To combat an industry used to seeing 80 to 90 percent profit margins, Swedish-based Rebtel has decided to call foul. Stepping in to disrupt the status quo, the company offers unlimited, internet-free international calling based on calling behavior.

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