Marketplace Lets You Rent Electronics On-Demand Without The Commitment

Marketplace Lets You Rent Electronics On-Demand Without The Commitment

From smartwatches to cameras, Grover helps people trial devices they may be on the fence about

Rachel Oliner
  • 1 august 2016

Ever wanted to buy a new laptop or a top-of-the-line smartwatch but were nervous about forking over the money upfront? Grover offers a solution with its on-demand subscription model, where users can gain access to electronics without any financial obligations or long-term contracts.

Currently available in NYC and several European cities like Berlin and London, Grover has more than 300 products to choose from including smartphones and IoT products. The service allows people to try these devices before they buy them, and can even extend their rental of a product for up to a year just by paying a monthly fee to hold on to the gadget. When a user does find something they really like, their monthly Grover payments are credited toward permanently buying the device.


Featured Image: Computer Devices via Shutterstock

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