Safe And Reliable Transportation For Children As Young As Two Years Old

Safe And Reliable Transportation For Children As Young As Two Years Old

Kango is a service that provides a driver and impromptu babysitter service for parents who need a helping hand driving their kids around

Azalea Pena
  • 9 august 2016

As much as parents might always want to take their children somewhere, there are days when the hours are tight. Lets face it: parents often need a helping hand when caring for and driving their kids around with them on errands. Enter Kango to help, a driving and childcare service that prioritizes safety and reliability above all else.

Sara Schaer and Kaliyuga Sivakumar came up with the Kango service to lend a hand to parents around San Francisco. Through the app, parents can easily book for the assistance they require, whether it’s a driver or a sitter.

When it comes to using such services, safety has always been the main concern. But Kango has this area covered as they make sure that every hired driver and sitter can safely handle the kids. All drivers and sitters go through background checks, fingerprinting and DMV record checks.

Moreover, Kango hires local babysitters, drivers, moms and teachers who are competent and qualified to take on the job. Applicants have to pass the comprehensive screening process and they should have at least 3-20 years of childcare experience.

If you’re still not convinced with the tests and pre-screening, parents can also interview the drivers and sitters personally. Aside from driving and sitting services, parents can also schedule playdates with fellow Kango user and set up school pools if needed.


Another safety feature is the ability to track your child’s ride. The app provides real-time updates so you can monitor the driver’s location. Parents can also call and talk to the driver and sitter.

So whether it’s taking your daughter to ballet class every Tuesday, taking your son to soccer practice every other day or taking your child to school, Kango will be there on time and ready to care for your children. Now, doesn’t that make a parent’s life a tad easier?

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