After 112 years, the sport of golf returns to the Olympics on state-of-the-art turf sprouted over a four-year period

Golf returns as an Olympic sport in 2016 at the Rio Games after an 112-year absence. The Olympic Golf Course, compete with 18 holes, was constructed specifically for the event by Bladerunner Farms. The grassing of the course was completed in 2014, but, as with all golf courses, the grass needed time to grow in and mature before it was ready for play. Nearly 90 percent of the 88-acre course will feature Zeon Zoysia, including on the fairways, the roughs and the tee boxes.

Zeon Zoysia is a durable, warm-weather grass developed specifically to meet the environmental conditions found in Rio during the 2016 Olympic Games. It requires less water and fertilizer than most other types of golf turf which is a major factor given Rio’s poor soil and water quality.

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