Pop Chart Lab has devised a clever way to help you keep track of your reading list

Graphic design company Pop Chart Lab has created a new poster to help you keep track of your reading list. The design of 100 classic books comes in the form of a scratch-off chart. Each book cover comes with gold foil overlaid on top so its owner can scratch off the ones they've read to reveal the book cover design beneath. The book selection spans from 1605 to present-day classics. Each book cover design is hand-drawn and evocative.

The scratch-off poster is a fitting addition to Pop Chart Lab's line up. The company was founded by a book editor and a graphic designer, and includes other chart-based literary posters, like a visual compendium of typewriters and a plotting of fiction genres. The 100 essential novels scratch-off chart is 18″ by 24″ and costs $35.

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