GoGoGrandparent is a one-stop-shop to help seniors to use service apps like Uber and Postmates

GoGoGrandparent is a service that brings Uber rides and food deliveries to an older generation befuddled by technology. Callers are generally over eighty years old. They call the GoGoGrandparent hotline and select from a simple menu of automated choices: 1 for an Uber ride, 2 for a return trip, 3 to order a meal, 4 to get groceries delivered and 5 for other delivery options. Family members can also sign up to get notified whenever the elders use the service to make sure they're safe.

GoGoGrandparent uses a custom-built system to manage Uber ride requests and passes on the other requests to a human operator. The app was founded by Justin Boogaard, a 20-something who wanted a more modern solution than hiring an expensive caretaker to look after his grandma. Now, he's linking the elderly with hip services like Postmates and Instacart.

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