An immerse film follows Shantell Martin as she preps her solo gallery in NYC

Artist Shantell Martin found a way to introduce herself through an immersive 360º video that exposes who she is at her core. A Life in Lines is a six minute interactive film that follows her as she begins to prepare and showcase a gallery show in the neighborhood of Soho in NYC. The whole video is of her reflecting on her past, who she is and the work that she makes.


The camera shows her drawing in front of a crowd while she explains her process and where her work comes from. There are more shots of her talking in her gallery, about building her confidence as an artist and coming to the realization that her story is unique. These thoughts lead her to conclude that her story has value. She also talks about her seven years in NYC and how it has affected the kind of work she has created. She explains, “It was a retrospect of the time in New York and creating a space of where people can come in and understand a little bit more of me.”

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