This smart fitness gear tightens as its wearer's heart rate increases during physical activity

Smart clothing has come a long way, but it often requires bluetooth connectivity, meaning you need to be glued to your phone. German tech-designer Simone Schramm has created a shirt that lets you know just how hard you're working out, not with sweat stains, but in colorful patterns.

This sleeveless top called the ‘Muscle Shirt' is designed not to communicate to fellow gym patrons how hard a person is hitting the treadmill, but to improve posture and form as well as let the wearer know when their heart rate increases. As the person in the shirt begins to increase muscle tension and heart rate through elevated work, the fabric in the second layer of the shirt begins to tighten. This reveals the second colored layer underneath through slits in the first layer. Once the workout is over and the heart rate decreases, the materials relax and the colors are hidden. The fit is only to tighten slightly so as to not impact the wearer's breathing.

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