The new service will dispense lost cards, provide internet banking tokens and provide better customer service

While ATMs are great for pulling out and depositing money, there's not much more the machine can do. Singaporean bank POSB is taking it a step further by building ATMs that lets clients video chat with tellers.

These machines function and look like typical ATMs, however, if you need assistance using the machine or require other transactions, you can opt to chat with a live teller who can help sort things out. For verification, these VTMs are equipped with biometric scanners.

Unlike a regular ATM, these Video teller machines (VTMs) can replace a lost debit or ATM card within minutes, as well as offer internet banking tokens. According to the bank, it get about 45,000 requests for new cards, plus 7,500 requests for new internet banking tokens each month. This remote teller solution can help lighten the load on actual branch counters. “Customers who urgently need to have their internet banking tokens or debit cards replaced after branch banking hours will soon be able to go to POSB VTMs to have their token or card dispensed instantly to them, after verification,” Jeremy Soo, Managing Director and Head of Consumer Banking Group at DBS explains.

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