Sunscreen Lets You Smell Just Like Fried Chicken

Sunscreen Lets You Smell Just Like Fried Chicken

KFC is promoting its new menu item by giving out free bottles of a UV protection cream that smells like their signature dish

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 24 august 2016

Fried chicken is one of those comfort foods that people swear they could eat every day, but would they want to smell like it? KFC certainly thinks so, as they have created a sunscreen meant to emulate the odor of their signature product. The new Extra Crispy Sunscreen is meant to provide SPF 30 protection while giving off a “healthy chicken aroma,” and is not edible. The product is meant to help advertise their new extra crispy chicken, whose TV ads feature an extra tan colonel giving out chicken.

While the idea may seem revolting to some, all 3,000 free samples have been given away. Whether or not the sunscreen itself does smell like chicken or not is unknown, as the lucky few to get one have not yet received their bottles. KFC Hong Kong has also experimented with fried-chicken-smelling-products, but instead of sunscreen, they created scented nail polish.

Watch the pseudo-commercial for this unique sun protection below:

Extra Crispy Sunscreen

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