Tesla To Debut New Showroom Design For Model 3 Introduction

Tesla To Debut New Showroom Design For Model 3 Introduction

The automaker is planning a radical change to their retail experience

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 19 august 2016

Tesla’s much anticipated affordable electric car, the Model 3, will undoubtedly draw more people to the brand. In anticipation of this, the electric automaker also looks to be redesigning the physical retail showrooms these new customers will experience. Speaking to Fast Company, Ganesh Srivats, Tesla’s vice president of North American sales revealed that the update won’t just be some new paint and carpet:

“We’re throwing preconceived notions of auto sales out the window and starting from the ground up.”

Srivats didn’t elaborate any further on specifics of the redesign. Tesla’s existing stock of retail venues range from smaller galleries displaying only a single car to facilities in Red Hook, Brooklyn that include an expanded showroom and large vehicle service center.

model 3 tesla_retail_2.jpg

Tesla’s current showroom interiors tend to be minimalist and pragmatic. Something like a car brochure in three dimensional space. The experience is purely product driven and less about hospitality or projecting an emotional connection to the brand.

Tesla is still facing legal hurdles with direct-to-customer sales in a number of states. Franchise laws and lobbying by other automakers have forced Tesla to get creative in the ways they market their vehicles. One avenue they are exploring is non-traditional partnerships with other retailers like Nordstrom. Expanding this tactic might be one approach Srivats is referring to.


The Model 3 is targeted to go on sale in late 2017 and already around 400,000 people have paid a $1000 reserve for one. The car is expected to cost $35,000, placing it at a lower tier from the luxury Model S and X. We have about a year to wait to see what exactly both that car and showroom look like.



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