The Best In Wearable Tech From The Rio Olympics

The Best In Wearable Tech From The Rio Olympics
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PSFK rounds out the Rio Games with our picks for the best gadgets and devices used to track performance

  • 31 august 2016

The Olympics are always a great time to show off athletic skills, as well as showcase newly created wearables. Curated for the Olympics, a new range of wearable tech is giving athletes a boost up, without the need for performance enhancing drugs. In fact, these technologies have gotten so good that certain swimsuits might be banned. With great new designs and technology-infused features, these items could have made a difference in catapulting some athletes into the spotlight. PSFK investigated to note our favorite innovations for this year’s Olympics:


Nike Footwear and Nike Tape For Speed

Besides designing outfits for star athletes such as Serena Williams, Nike also has been researching and developing new wearables to help out athletes in many different sports. The new beautiful track shoe, Nike Zoom, is ultra light but also with sturdy spikes that maximizes the energy of each step. Nike tested these along with a unique tape created out of silicon-based spikes called AeroBlades. Both of these have been tested multiple times, and have proven to cut down times through increased power transfer and aerodynamic efficiency.


Oakley’s Olympic Shades

Oakley has focused its efforts on developing shades specifically for Olympic athletes who participate in outdoor sports. The sunglasses are specially-tinted so they filter out only certain light waves that strain the eyes, while letting in the important wavelengths that aid in catching details. This makes it easier for athletes to play with less distractions and stay focused on their goal.


WHOOP, Not Your Typical Fitness Tracker

WHOOP is a waterproof tech wearable specially designed for athletes that goes above and beyond a regular fitness tracker. It has the ability specifically to tell athletes if they are overtraining or prone to injury. It also lets you know when you have reached the perfect amount of optimal training, and if the body is rested enough to go on its next training spree.

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PSFK is your source for innovation news from the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, from VR programming and machine-designed shoes to crowdsourced health apps and surveillance balloons. Check back daily for updates and read more here about the services and technologies that are shaping this year’s games.

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