The 1971 classic finally leaves the computer to join the analog gaming craze

Many adults fondly remember playing The Oregon Trail at the dawn of the computer age, desperately trying not to get dysentery as they lead a family to the West Coast. The game has been rebooted and remodeled for different platforms, but never before has it been available as a card game.

Pressman Toy has created a new hard-copy version of the 1971 classic about a family of 19th Century pioneers making their way across the frontier. The game includes many of the same fates as the original, including death by cholera, dysentery, and snake bite, and tipping over in a river. The end goal of the cooperative game is to have at least one member of the party make it to Oregon alive, meaning you will need a party of two to four people to play the game, and like the original, you get to name all the members of the party.

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