An artist has created a large concrete structure using debris from the places where incidents occurred

Artist Teresa Margolles has created a grim and imposing memorial for victims of gun crime created from crime scene residues. La Sombra (the shade) is a 20-feet wide, imposing concrete structure on the corner of Echo Park, in Los Angeles. “The size of the shelter comes from the scale of the tragedy,” Margolles told The Art Newspaper.

Since January of 2015, there have been 100 homicides on Los Angeles's public streets.

The artist and her team traveled to these 100 sites to gather physical traces of the crime to mix the concerete of La Sombra. They gathered up traces of blood and police tape, candles and graffiti to bring back to the installation. A five-hour video will be screened locations near the imposing memorial, including basic facts from each homicide and the action of gathering the evidence of the aftermath.

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